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​It all started as a side-gig out of an old, red S10 pick up that was a gift from Bobby's Dad & a used truck bed top we drove all the way to Delaware to buy. With the incredible response from you, our community, we quickly outgrew it and into our first full sized service truck, which was immediately passed to our first full time employee 8 short months after opening the company doors. Our fleet and team continues to grow to meet your needs.

Four Elements Electric was founded out of a pure passion for community. Our mission is providing the best electrical services at an unprecedented value to our customers while building an extraordinary culture of appreciation for our employees and service partners. Our goals, ambitions, and inspiration all come together to form a truly amazing company.

Bobby, the owner, is a Master Electrician who started in the trade assisting his dad as a young teenager and began pursing this path, full time, immediately after graduating high school. He's the brains of the operations and monitors strict quality control. His skills and expertise include extensive work on all types of projects at commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural properties. In May of 2021, just 18 months after starting the company, he was able to leave his corporate job to run and grow this company full time!

Angela, his partner in this and life, brings more than 2 decades of corporate business management & small business consulting experience. She implemented and maintains the systems that keep our business organized & flowing. She is usually who you're talking to when you call, text, email, or message us. Our Clean Up Crew is her dream come true of brining like-minded community members together to do good for our neighbors and our planet.

The company is named after the ring he had designed for her, which represents one of their biggest shared passions: nature & the outdoors. 
Earth - petrified wood inlays
Fire - rose gold band
Water - blue diamond
Wind - inscription "'til my last breath"

The logo is comprised of the symbols and colors for each element, with an electrical sine wave passing through; tying together passion & profession. "Elements" is highlighted in green to signify our commitment to the Earth, always operating as sustainably as possible. The Clean Up Crew connects passion & purpose. 

It was because of Angela's encouragement Bobby started this company. When he woke up from a dream with the name and logo in his head, he quickly sketched it out on paper and knew it was Perfect!  

We know how hard it is to find tradespeople you can trust, who also communicate, and are as proactive as possible. Since opening in October of 2019, we have and will continue to go above and beyond your requests and expectations to ensure you always have a go-to 100% Customer Focused electrician.

We are proud and excited to continue to grow the Four Elements Family... it's not just our employees. All of you, who allow us to serve you, are part our family and what makes this company great! But don't take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say about their experiences with us.